Innovators and creative. Committed and flexible.

Excellent 360 service to customers.


THREeVENTS is the joint of a group of professionals with an extensive background in events organization.

Our team has a recognized track of experience in key areas to make a successful event happen:

  • Production
  • Design
  • Communication
  • Creativity

Everyone in the company shows a high level of self-demand. We are dynamic and efficient, oriented to add value to the design, organization and execution of events.

Our mission is to provide events with a creative vision with simple or complex solutions always fit to the project needs. The essence of our work is to achieve the targets set by customers.

The international experience of the agency includes works in the United States (New York, Washington), Latin America (Havana, Cancun, Mexico City), Europe (Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, Cannes) and Africa (Marrakesh, Tunisia).

We are proud to say that we have kept long term collaborations with national institutions and major companies.